Avoid the Noisy, Crowded Laundromat

Avoid the Noisy, Crowded Laundromat

Schedule laundry and dry cleaning services in Sioux Falls, SD today

Are you waiting on your new washer and dryer to be delivered? Are you sick of spending hours in a crowded laundromat every weekend? Dakota Dry Cleaners provides laundry services in Sioux Falls, SD and surrounding areas.

You can trust us to clean your clothes properly. We’ll come to your home, pick up your dirty clothes, take them back to our dry cleaning shop, wash each item of clothing according to the type of fabric and color it is and return your fresh, clean laundry to your home.

Contact us right away if you need your laundry cleaned in a timely manner.

3 benefits of laundry services

Dakota Dry Cleaners picks ups and delivers laundry for residents in the Sioux Falls, SD area. Hire us to clean your laundry because we:

  • Clean and return laundry quickly
  • Deliver professionally cleaned clothes back to you
  • Save you the time and frustrations of having to do laundry or go to laundromats
Get in touch with us today to set up your laundry pickup date and time.

Fast, Affordable Pickup & Delivery